We believe that documentary photography has the power to tell stories that help people better understand the world we live in.

We want people to see the work of photographers, not only on a telephone or computer screen but as printed photographs, large displays or screenings. We want to exchange ideas about visual representation and and to discover the road photographers take from idea to final project.

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In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival, the first documentary photography festival in Romania, is a project initiated by Fotopia Collective a photography organization founded to support documentary photography and photojournalism in Romania.


If in 2016 we looked at the way Romania is reflected from exterior versus interior, this year we aim to bring in front of the public documentary photography projects telling “stories from home,” no-matter the place or how “home” is defined. By choosing this theme, we hope to discover projects done in familiar places for the photographer – from their native or adoptive country, projects in which the subject is documented in a sincere and profound manner.

The search fot a place to call “home” is a struggle for many people of our time. “Home” is a question for political or war refugees, for persons from underdeveloped countries, for transnational couples, for minorities, for artists, for people migrating in search for a better workplace. What are the elements that make us feel at home in a country, place or community, and how is it like to feel at home in you native environment?

For the second editon of In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival we want to initiate a conversation about this topic that involves the public and the photographers, aiming to reflect together on the dynamics of the world we live in.


Calin Ilea

Călin Ilea His work was published in national and international newspapers such as: Pro Sport, Evenimentul Zilei, Capital, Unica, Columbia Missourian and he collaborated for the Romanian national news agency Mediafax Foto. Currently he coordinates the photo department of Untold music festival. Călin is active both in commercial and documentary photography.

Roxi Pop

Roxi Pop is a Romanian Fulbright photographer who graduated with an MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri. After she graduated, Roxi moved to Norfolk, Virginia to assist the award-winning American photographer Matt Eich and to prepare Chautauqua Dreamers –  her first solo exhibition in United States. After she returned to Romania, Roxi joined efforts to start the first documentary photography festival in Romania. Currently she works as a freelancer in Romania while continuing to document her personal experience of re-adapting to her home country.

Vakarcs Loránd

Loránd Vakarcs graduated “Ion Andreescu ” Academy of Visual Arts, Photo-Video department, in 2005 in Cluj-Napoca. Since 2014 he works for Sinteza magazine as staff photographer. Before that he worked for several Romanian newspapers: Clujeanul, Adevărul, Gazeta Sporturilor as well as with photo agencies. He defines himself as fine art documentary photographer, and since 2010 he follows the change and decay of the industry inherited from the communist period, in parallel with the landscapes and people from isolated villages in Romania.