Oct 27 - Nov 06

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Calin Ilea - Challanges of Transnational Families

Călin Ilea is a freelance photographer based in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Călin has worked with several Romanian newspapers and magazines such as Pro Sport, Evenimentul Zilei, Capital, Unica but also photo news agencies like Mediafax Foto. Călin holds a BA degree in journalism from Babes Bolya Unversity in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and MA degree in Photojournalism with a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri.

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Challenges of Transnational Families aims to present a small part of the challenges that transnational families face in their everyday life through environmental portraits and quotes taken as part of a scientific research project: Confronting difference through the practices of transnational families, http://transnationalfamilies.ro

Some of the photographs were taken during the filed study interviews while other were candid situations that happened either at the beginning or at the end of the interviews. The focus is intended to fall on the issues revealed on the research: children or families separated as a direct result of going abroad, communication that evolved with the technology from land lines to video calls over the internet, the economic environment that forces people to take the decision to leave or their constant desire to come back and plan for the future.