Close to me Lorezo Robin Schwartz

Close to me

Curator: Lindley Warren & Roxi Pop
Close to me is a collective exhibition curated by Lindley Warren, American photographer and founder of The Ones We Love magazine, and Roxi Pop, Romanian photographer and initiator of In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival.  The exhibition will take place at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca 5-15 October 2017.
Close to me is a exhibition which results from the collaboration between In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival and The Ones We Love magazine, and showcases the work of several photographers that were published in the magazine, as well as photographers outside the magazine.
Exhibiting artists

  1. Aaron Blum
  2. Ali Bosworth
  3. Doug DuBois
  4. Martha Fleming-Ives
  5. Fred Huening
  6. Zsolt Kadar
  7. Sara Macel –
  8. Raphaela Rosella
  9. Irina Rozovskz
  10. Nadia Sablin
  11. Sage Sohier
  12. Robin Schwartz–2002-2015/
  13. Danna Singer
  14. Diana Tamane
  15. Alec Soth
  16. Susan Worsham

* The Ones We Love is an intimate platform for upcoming and established photographers from around the world to portray the people they love, cherish, and find inspiration within. It began online and turned into exhibitions and publications. There have been four international The Ones We Love exhibitions on three different continents and three magazines have been published containing influential artists such as Larry Sultan and Alec Soth. The project has been featured extensively including in Esquire (Russia), the New York Times Style Magazine, and NOWNESS.  


Lindley Warren is a photographer currently residing in Iowa City, IA where she is pursuing her BFA in Photography at the University of Iowa. She is the founder and editor of various publications including The Ones We Love and The Photographic Dictionary. Warren has curated international exhibitions and self-published books and magazines. She is presently working on a newsprint called The Reservoir with Jack Harries (The Heavy Collective) which will be released late Summer 2017 and is a contributing editor for Rubber Factory Posters out of New York.

Roxi Pop is a freelance photographer, currently lives and works in Cluj. She is one of the founding members of Fotopia Collective and the initiator of In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival.
In 2012, she left with a Fulbright Scholarship to study photojournalism at University of Missouri, U.S. She learned about documentary photography and business practices in photojournalism from the American documentary photographer Matt Eich
From the transitioning process back to her home-country Romania came out the ongoing project Today I am Home which was presented at the De Donkere Kamer – photography evening at Bozar Museum in Brussels, Belgium, and was featured in FotoRoom, Scena 9, DoR, Sub 25 and The New Yorker.

Special thanks to:
Tomas Bachot for helping to display the works in the space Teodora Panaitescu for translating the stories behind the works Márton Zoltán and Milenium Grup  for handling the prints with care
The National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca for hosting us.