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Handful of earth • Andrei Becheru

“Handful of earth” is an ongoing visual exploration of man’s relationship with the land he inhabits and of daily life in remote mountain areas of Romania. Since I was a child I was fascinated with the mysterious atmosphere of mountain landscapes.
In 2014, when I started volunteering for a local NGO and incited by my instinctive explorative urge, I revisited this space. I kept the images I took during these mountain travels in a drawer for two years. The puzzle behind the project started to take shape after this time when the visual aspect of the project changed radically.
For me a place can have a certain sound, which is why I try to transpose the emotions activated by music into images. “Handful of earth” is the first part of this project and the title of an album that combines traditional music with contemporary music, created by the Scottish artist Dick Gaughan. Musical genres such as ambient, electroacoustic and experimental music were used as inspiration.


Born in 1984, I studied design at the National University of Arts in Bucharest and after graduation, working as a graphic designer, I gradually became interested in photojournalism and documentary photography.
In 2014 I began documenting “Light for Romania”, still ongoing, a campaign which aims to supply alternative solar energy for villages in Romania without electricity.
Currently I am a freelancer and my images have been published in Burn Magazine, Internazionale, Grazia, Arte.tv, Radio France Internationale, Formaje: Romanian Art Files, Decat o Revista, Think Outside the Box, Romanian National Television among others.