Petruţ Călinescu - Periferia B

Periphery B • Petruț Călinescu

“Periphery B” is an ongoing project started in 2016, as a personal need to focus and see things closer to the place I live. I’m circling the edges of Bucharest, where I live, collecting human stories and noticing how the city develops. This amorphous territory, on a constant move as the city expands, encapsulates various man made micro-universes. New housing estates (with aspirational names such French Village, German Residence, Belize) are chaotically mixing with various human typologies: shepherds, people going to picnic, to sunbath or to swim in the polluted rivers around, witches doing spells, people looking for medicinal herbs, people trying to escape from the city or to get closer to its downtown.
This project will come to an end on November, 2017, when I’ll be publishing a zine, The Periphery’s Newspaper – a one-time print of 16-24 pages in a newspaper format, containing pictures and larger texts.


I’m a documentary photographer and videographer based in Bucharest, Romania, bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications. I’m represented by Panos Pictures and I’m working for different international and national NGO or Media entities. You can find out more at: