Oct 5 - Oct 15 2017

Botanical Garden
42 Republicii
from 8AM to 20PM

zane - ioanca carlig si marin raica

Zâne • Ioana Cîrlig and Marin Raica

“Zâne” is an ongoing project exploring the relationship between man and nature in remote and traditional Romanian communities. It will have two chapters: the relationship between man and the natural and the supernatural. The work shown here is part of chapter 1: the man-nature relationship in rural areas.
“Zână, zâne”- Mythological creature in Romanian folklore. With many different representations, it is usually a female character, beautiful and kind, with magical powers and the gift of immortality. Spirits of nature, good fairies are born from flowers and they live in forests or at the top of high mountains.


Ioana Cîrlig
I graduated Film and Imagery in Bucharest and I worked for 4 years as a photojournalist for “Ziua” newspaper and for the news agency NewsIn. Since 2012 I’m a freelancer and I work on personal documentary photography projects and commercial assignments, but also as a stock photography editor. In November 2015 I edited the photo album “Post-Industrial Stories” after a research of 3 years in the mining areas of Romania. I exhibited in New York, Vancouver, Seoul, London, Venice, Amsterdam and in Romania (București, Cluj, Bistrița, Blaj).
I won the prize Superscrieri for photojournalism in 2014 and  2015, Fotofilmic Travelling Exhibitor 2015, second place at Lensculture Exposure Awards 2014, first place at Media Engagement in Development Issues and Promotion Photography Competition în 2009, Honorable Mentiona at European Central Bank Annual Photography Award în 2009, first place at National Geographic Romania Photo Contest, categy “People”.
I published personal projects in magazines around the world: Inge Morath Magazine, Lensculture, L’Oeil de la Photographie, F-Stop Magazine, Archivo, Incandescent Zine, worldwide issues of Vice, Internazionale Magazine, National Geographic, Lucida Magazine etc.; and from Romania: Dilema Veche, Jurnalul Național, Adevărul, Mediafax, Inquam Photos, Love Issue, Arhitectura, Igloo, Modernism, DOR, Casa Jurnalistlui, Think Outside the Box, Ziare.com etc.

Marin Raica
I started to photograph in 1996, the year I started classes at Arts School from Alba Iulia, photo-video  department which I graduated in 1999.
I worked as a photographer for 8 years for  Jurnalul Național newspaper. I photographed in many environments and situations, on strict deadlines but also elaborate photo-stories. During this period of time I cosigned 7 photo albums (“Fotografie de Jurnal”- 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; “România între ape”- 2005; “Lumea interzisă” – 2006).
Since 2011 I started to work as a freelancer on personal projects. Starting with the idea that there are no predefined common traits of a nation but just changing ways of thinking, I started the project  ”Like A Family” to explore photographically the new Romanian society gaps in a time of transition to capitalism. A year later I started the documentary photography project “Post-Industrial Stories”, along with  Ioana Cîrlig. As a way of work we chose to live in several areas highly industrialized during the communist period and to observe the effects of the deindustrialization and the changes that took place or that are about to take place inside the communities close to industrial centers. In November 2015 we published the photo album “Post-Industrial Stories”.
Since 2015 we started to work on several projects: “Leisure” – about the Romanian cities built for spending holidays like seaside the resorts or resorts built around geothermal springs; “Zâne” – a “roadtrip” in the world of myths and Romanian legends. The themes we approached were: the beliefs people have in one of the most traditional societies in Europe, the link between man and environment and the specific character of life in small and isolated communities.
Along the years I worked with Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Reuters, National Geographic, Gamma, Bloomberg, Jurnalul Național, Adevărul, România Liberă, Cotidianul, National Geographic, Dilema Veche, Inquam Photos, Intact, Igloo, Modernism, Income Magazine, Ginger Group, Mediafax Foto, F-Stop Magazine, Urbanautica, Lenscrath Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Feature Shoot, Vice, VBN, It’s Nice That, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Our Age is 13, Cilichili Magazine, Yorokobu etc.