Oct 27 - Nov 04

Minerva Gallery - second floor
str. Napoca, nr. 16
from 12 PM to 8 PM

Feleki Károly

Using the images of the project THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE/THE RESERVATION, photographer Feleki Károly tries, (along with other artist he considers remarkable) to establish the foundation for a visual archive to uncover, reveal and give credence to the embodiment of everyday gestures.

An artist’s status implies and compels him to give credence to the important discoveries one find in his immediate surroundings. Identifying marks, sequences or subtle horizons, as part of “fragile patrimony” from which they can be saved, archived, revealed or promoted by being transferred in a horizon of larger interest such as the cultural one.

The photographic image accompanied in natural manner by poetry is one of the main ways of transfer of the spirit of the place as part of a patrimony. The poems that go along with the images are written by Dorel Găină. The photographs were made between 1980 and 2010 in Transylvania, Moldova and Moldova Republic. They become a testimony of a disappearing world, of the everyday man. They reveal the life as it is.

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