Oct 27 - Nov 06

Urania Palace
str. Horea nr. 4
from 12 AM to 8 PM

Post Industrial Stories

We are two Romanian photographers, Ioana Cîrlig and Marin Raica. We both worked as photojournalists in Bucharest. Since 2010 we have been focusing on long-term personal projects: POst-Industrial Stories, Zâne (ongoing), Leisure (ongoing).

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Post-industrial Stories is a long term documentary project made by Romanian photographers Ioana Cîrlig and Marin Raica. The project explores life in mono-industrial communities focusing on the changes in landscape, as well as on the relationships between individuals, their environments and their longlife work.

Romania has been heavily industrialized in over 40 years of communism. Every town had a industrial centre and people from all over the country were moved to urbanize the areas around mines and factories. Huge industrial centers were built in rural areas, changing the landscape completely. The factory workers and the miners were the country’s pride, idealized and portrayed as heroes.

Mono-industrial communities suffer a depression after the loss of the main activity. Everything used to revolve around the industrial center. Everybody worked there, the community’s celebrations, sports events and cultural activities were funded and organized by the industrial center. In most mono-industrial towns, no new jobs have been created since the industry disappeared. This is a very common situation in Romania, one that affects a significant part of the population. In November 2015, Post-Industrial Stories photo book was published.