Oct 27 - Nov 06

Kreativ Kolozsvar
str. Memorandumului 3
from 12 PM to 8 PM

Marko Risović

Marko was attracted to photographic exploration of reality in his early youth. After years of experimenting, he discovered narrative power of photography as a language of socially engaged communication. For six years, he was working as photojournalist in different media outlets in Serbia. Recently, he switched his interest to long term projects about various aspects of social reality. World Press Photo organization selected him to participate in Masterclass for young photographers from southeastern Europe in 2010. His work was recognized by respectable organizations. Some of these recognitions are: Press Photo Serbia – Photo of the year 2012, followed by another six Press Photo Serbia prizes in different categories in period 2010 to 2013, Status magazine award for best photography in Serbian media in 2010, Beta photo agency special award for sports… Marko’s work was published in different regional and international magazines and web editions, and presented in over fifty exhibitions. He is regular contributor to National Geographic Serbia magazine.

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As the grey and heavy fog, woven out of layers of the past, rises slowly over the peaks of the Carpathian mountains, it reveals the landscape of a new reality: the colorful world of Romania’s youth.

This new generation is building its own world out of dreams, hopes and youthful enthusiasm. They aren’t much different from their peers from all over the world. Raised on pop culture, exposed to mass-media and international icons, connected to the internet and modern communications, they are barely aware of a time – not long ago –, when their parents lived in a country that offered little opportunities; a time of suffering and sacrifice.

Along this path, from the beautiful mountains in the north, through the green plains of Transylvania, to the bright lights and noisy disco clubs of metropolis, a major change occurs in their lifestyle, dreams and desires. Something so pure and innocent is lost, erased from thoughts and hearts of teenagers with every rattle of the wheels that carry them into the future, towards the world of adults and the struggle for survival. This essay is my attempt to save part of their youthful dreams of oblivion.