Oct 27 - Nov 04

Minerva Gallery - second floor
str. Napoca, nr. 16
from 12 PM to 8 PM

Petruț Călinescu

I am a freelance photographer based in Bucharest, Romania and member of Panos Pictures network.

I am mainly working for Western media or NGOs while trying as much as I can to develop personal projects. My latest completed one, Pride and Concrete had started in 2010 with the support of the World Press Photo Foundation and Robert Bosch. After four years of documentation and various small grants it came to an end, with a printed book, website  and a travelling photo exhibition. It was shown as solo in Bucharest, Cluj, Negresti (heart of the documented community), Berlin, London and many other places as a group exhibition.

My reportages have been published by: Sunday Times Magazine, Business Week, The New Statesman, 6 Mois, New York Times, Vice International, As Magazine, Esquire, Southern Weekly Metropolis.

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Pride and concrete

One in six Romanians has gone abroad to work. Most of them come from rural areas and the money sent back home has irreversibly transformed their native villages. Unlike in the city, where even competition is experienced and perceived individually and behind closed doors, changes are highly more visible in villages, where the main street is open stage to social competition.

Despite the fact that they have been supporting Romania’s economy for the last 20 years, the people back home use a pejorative term for those who have left: strawberry pickers.

„Pride and Concrete” is a project about the recent transformations occurring in traditional villages, especially the ones in Țara Oasului and Maramures, following the massive migration abroad, in search of work. Nevertheless, it’s a project especially about the people behind these transformations.

This exhibit was made possible with the support of Colorama.