Reflexions on home •

DOCUMENTARIA.RO has been founded in November 2016 by a group of Romanian documentary photographers, aiming to visually explore and reflect upon national and international  contemporary issues.
For the current edition of the In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival, five of the photographers at Documentaria are interpreting, in a subjective manner, the idea of “home”.
Mircea REȘTEA explores the “home” of people in Pirita, a socially disadvantaged community living in the proximity of the sterile dumps of Meda in the aftermath of a failed project to recover gold and other precious metals from the dumps.
Complementary to the sad story of people in Pirita, George POPESCU is exhibiting pictures from the “home” of a successful Roma community of watermelon producers of Dăbuleni.
Delicate and sensitive to details, the pictures of Ioana MOLDOVAN sketch the portrait of “home” centered around children and intimate gestures talking place in private house spaces.
Adrian CÂTU is questioning our understanding of “home” by seamlessly assembling pictures from four different countries – Romania, Iran, Burkina Faso and Madagascar – to create a coherent, yet physically impossible image of “home” from a puzzle of images shot across three continents.
On a similar note, Andrei PUNGOVSCHI invites us to reflect upon the notion of “home” by looking at the people who lost it and witnessing their quest to regain the feeling of security which is the very foundation of “home”: the refugees he photographed in Lesbos island.

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