Stories from around the world #1

Brice Bourdet – You Are Here
The subjects of these photographic series all have different nationalities and have been living in Berlin for a short time. The pictures are taken in two steps. First, each model is photographed in his new bedroom, here, abroad. Then each protagonist provides photographs of his town, village or region of origin. I then put together a new place which could be called “here is elsewhere”, made from pieces of places that are familiar to them. A new definition of “home sweet home”.

Kristin Bethge – Women of Maré
How is daily life for women in Maré, one of the biggest favelas in Rio de Janeiro? Maré stands for insecurity and fear. But for the women, who are living in Maré, this favela also stands for a parallel protected world, where exists a strong solidarity within a community of women, which helps each other. The strength, faith and energy of the women living in Maré, fascinated Kristin Bethge. For her Maré is a beautfiul place, which she wants – besides the strong women – to put through in her pictures in her project Mulheres da Maré (english: women of Maré).

Lukas Kreibig – The Last Wolf Children
Gisela is one of the so-called Wolf Children. In 1940, as the red army moves into Germany, former East Prussia, a part of Germany, becomes Russia, Kaliningrad. A population of nearly 2.2 million people in 1940 was reduced to 193,000 by the end of May 1945 as part of one of the largest exoduses of people in human history. After losing their parents in the chaos of World War II, she and many other German children struggled to survive, witnessed inconceivable atrocities, as they attempted to seek shelter in Lithuania.
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Nicole Franco – The Inherited Thirst of Mexico
In the high desert mountains of Guanajuato, Mexico, at the heart of the country, the people thirst. Their thirst is an inheritance of the land. The small rural community of Guerrero sprang into conception where groundwater was once abundant underneath the arid terrain. But decades of mining, erosion, overgrazing and pollution have left what remains highly contaminated and now, a constant struggle for accessible clean water.

Paula Markert – The Conditions
How do we become who we are? Which experiences form our personalities, and which explicit or subliminal behavioral patterns or instructions do we absorb from our parents? How do early experiences of love and trust shape an adolescent’s perception of emotional relationships and the definition of home? In search of answers, quiet observation turned into pictures that tell the stories of eleven different families from completely various social backgrounds, while also questioning the nature of family relationships in general.

Raphaela Rosella – You’ll Know It When You Feel It
“I grew up in a small town in Australia notorious for its open drug culture & alternative lifestyles. Our notion of ‘love’ was handed down through generations of stormy relationships & the idea of living ‘happily ever after’. As young women, our choices were limited; violent relationships & becoming a mother at a young age seemed normal & the dream to ‘leave and start a new life’ meant leaving our family, friends & community behind. As such, I have spent nearly a decade documenting women in my life; my twin, my step-sister, & new & old friends.”

Yulia Grigoryants – Inhabitants of the Empty
In 1988, a 7.0 Richter-scale earthquake struck northern Armenia. The quake killed at least 25,000 people in the region. Thousands more were maimed and hundreds of thousands left homeless. Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, bore much of the damage. A quarter of a century later, Gyumri has the country’s highest poverty rate at 47.7%. The city has lost nearly half of its population since 1988, due in part to the migration of the labor force. Today there are just 4 families living here, among decaying walls and corridors.

Andriana Oborocean –
“Due to the characters captured in the photographs, Portret.Ro represents portraits of the ordinary men in Romania. The background elements and the outfits contribute to the shaping of those portraits. The project addresses the theme to the men in today’s Romanian society, surprised by their everyday actions. The people in the photographs, completely strangers to me, were asked to close their eyes when shooting.”

Claudia Schildknecht (slide + film) – D’Nischeler
Agricultural subventions, increased milk production at dropping prices, combined with free-trade agreements in agriculture and food production between the EU and Switzerland – all of this burdens undermines the economic survival of Swiss farmers. More and more small farms dissolve and several cases of suicide became known. Next to the economic state of affairs, the love for the animals is a central concern. Will Swiss temperament survive the farming of exotic animals? Are we witnessing the birth of a new Swiss agriculture?

Tien Tran – Memory of Combrailles
In the heart of France – sitting astride three departments: the Allier, the Creuse and the Puy-de-Dôme – lies a forgotten territory called the Combrailles. Old mining region, the golden age is now far behind. And yet, there is a question of attachment to a place. Do we belong to a territory? Can we bound ourselves to one place ? Until we discover that it is no more an option to leave it?